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"Usually I'm Remarkably Good Natured. Try Me On A Day That Doesn't End In 'Y""
city of bones

The title of this  post is a quote from The Mortal Instruments and is spoken by Jace. Now I know pretty much everyone has their idea about who should play Jace if a movie is made, and I do too. I'm pretty sure I agree with quite alot of people when I say that I think Alex Petteyfer should play Jace..he hasn't really been in too many films but he's still a good actor. Here's what he's been in/ going to be in that I know of::

Tom Brown's School Days: I've seen this, it was awhile ago, but what I can remember of it was pretty good.
Alex Rider- Operation Stormbreaker: Based off of the first Alex Rider book, I really liked it.
Wild Child: I've seen this and it's a very entertaining movie, and the addition of Alex Pettyfer as Freddie is just great.
Beastly: Based off of a book, I hope it's good!
I Am Number Four: Based off of a book, and looks to be pretty good from the trailers I've seen.

Idk why but this pic makes him look very Jace-like, I think :)

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