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OMG The Vampire Diaries!!!
the vampire diaries screencap 1864
definitely SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

See the girl on the left? That is the actress who played Bella on Supernatural! But anyways on to the episode......

Just got done watching the new episode of the Vampire Diaries, titled Rose. It picks up right after the episode Masquerade with Elena having been KIDNAPPED OMG. I loove the Damon/Stefan roadtrip to go help Elena ..aww :) P.S. I love Damons car! I wouldn't mind owning that. The whole idea of the doppleganger and she's the way to break the curse or whatever is a bit hard for me to wrap my head around..idk if they ever reference that in the books? Or is this a thing they just made up for the show? Oh well...and the idea of the Originals! But the really OMMMMGGGmoment to me happens after all the midshow drama....DUh DUH DUNN sooo Damon show up in Elena's room to give her back her vervain necklace and and AND OMG before he gives it back to her HE finally TELLS HER HE LOVES HER!!! I mean we already knew, but he actually told HER. Awww the whole scene is just beautiful :') And then he compels her so she forgets..aww :( I like Damon/Elena..but maybe thats just because I like Damon, he's my favorite :P Lol its funny how hteres all this drama and plot and the aprt i obsess about is the last like 5 minutes when Damon is just aww.

And theen the preview for next week looked great. The episode is called Katerina. So excited for it and very glad they're not taking a week off!


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