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"Yes, And I'm Sure The Arena Will Be Full Of Bags Of Flour For Me To Chuck At People."

A quote from the first Hunger Games book...I kinda wish there HAD been bags of Soo the casting ideas people have for a potential onscreen Peeta are a bit more diverse than those for Jace from TMI. I personally think that Hunter Parrish would be wonderful..the boy can act. So here's some films I know of that he's been in:::

Sleepover: Haven't actually seen this movie, but I think I'll watch it now that I kknow he's in it :)
Freedom Writers: Haven't seen this either
17 Again: Have seen this and I actually quite liked it, he plays a bit of a crazy, but he does it well!
It's Complicated: I've also seen this and I really liked his performance in it.
Weeds: Have not seen this but I've been meaning to beause I know he's in it.

He's been in more but these were the ones that sounded familiar to me. So here's a picture that makes him seem very Peeta to me :)


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